About Breast Fest

The arts will definitely inspire the dialogue and it will also properly facilitate the learning.
Arts To Inspire Dialogue
Facilitate Learning
Foster Community

Rethink Breast Cancer’s Mission

We are a website that is here to bring awareness about this particular type of cancer.

Annual Festival

This is a festival that happens every year. Because of the pandemic, there are some changes. Scroll down below, to know the changes.
Engaging Documentaries
These documentaries are actually going to be very informative.
Panel Discussions
You will be able to attend the panel discussions that will give you a lot of information.
Art Exhibits
These exhibits have actually known to be very interesting.

Meet Our Team

Meet our team this is our fantastic team.
Chris Horton
Chris Horton


    Mary Roberts
    Mary Roberts


      William Tow
      William Tow


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